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Q: Is it free to join Lam Jones?

A: Yes!

Q: So Lam Jones is a site for the “bedroom musician”?

A: Yes. Lam Jones wants to encourage individual musicians to branch out, reach out, and collaborate with others to bring their full musical potential into being. Whether you connect with someone from around the world, in your state, or in the same city. However you want to do it. Heck, if it feels right, we encourage people to meet in the real world and start a band.

Q: So Lam Jones is a site for bands, too?

A: Absolutely. Lam Jones is about all things music. If you’re a band, that’s great. Upload your music. Get some feedback. We’ll have a calendar feature soon enough where you can promote your own shows.

Q: Is Lam Jones ONLY about music?

A: Lam Jones is about anything creative. Bands need mixers, album art, music videos. Maybe even a promoter. Lam Jones is everything music driven and creator driven. If you need something in the creative realm, Lam Jones is where to find it.

Q: How long do our posts stay up on Lam Jones?

A: Your posts will stay up for 30 days unless you delete them first. You may also repost them for another 30 days if you wish. You can see a list of your posts on your Bio-Page.

Q: I found somebody I want to collaborate with on Lam Jones, and now I want to share sound files with them. How do I do that?

A: There are many good file sharing options out there. Two that are both reputable and free are Dropbox and WeTransfer. We highly recommend both.

Q: Is Lam Jones going to rip us off like Colonel Parker ripped off Elvis?

A: No! With Lam Jones, you get to keep total control over your music and you and your collaborators get to keep ownership and all revenue for all your music, FOREVER.

Q: How do the musicians divide up any revenue?


That is up to you. The rule is that the creator can create any terms they choose, and collaborators can choose to accept or not, depending on how enthusiastic they are about a project. However, here are the official Lam Jones recommendations:
  • Music: 15%
  • Lyrics: 15%
  • Lead Instruments including Lead Vocals: 30%
  • Rhythm Instruments: 20%
  • Peripheral Instruments including Backing Vocals: 10%
  • Mixer/Producer: 10%

Percentages are divided by the number of musicians in each category. Obviously, if there are a ton of musicians in one category, these numbers would shift. As we said, it's totally up to you. We would just suggest that you acknowledge the contributions of each participant.

Q: Dividing up revenue? Don't you know that there's no money in music unless you're a big company?

A: Any song can catch fire on a streaming service these days. Better to have the discussion beforehand, rather than after a song goes viral...

Q: Dividing up revenue? You mean contracts and lawyers

A: Hey, we're not a legal site. We just bring people together. If we get corroboration that a member is not honoring their commitments, we will ban them from the site. There is actually a really good app for keeping track of these things called Session Studio. Check it out.

Q: Can you post music on the Lam Jones site for people to listen to?

A: Yes! (coming soon)! Whether it's music created through a Lam Jones collaboration or not, we'd love for you to share your music with the world.

Q: What about music videos?

A: Whoa, slow down cowboy. Give our developers a little time to get this site rolling. But the short answer is sure, we think that would be cool to include down the road.

Q: What else do I need to know about Lam Jones?

A: Lam Jones is a musical adventure and we can't wait to see where it will go. We need your input. Let us know what additional features you want, and how we can help make your musical ambitions a reality!

Lam Jones is trying to make the world a better place by making and sharing great music.
Come join us!